Monday, September 23, 2013

To keep on a schedule, I'm going ahead and a placeholder for conversations of merit and pictures. Consider this white noise.

I'm getting ready for My Very First Trip to Disney World - seven days, eighteen hours and seventeen minutes as of this moment - and am kind of overwhelmed by the looming nearness of it all. I've been planning to take this trip for well over a year, and actively planning the trip itself since April. So I have months and months of blog reading and menu scanning and resort comparisons and must-sees and must-dos and must-eats rolling around my head...I feel I have consumed all the existing Magic (TM), but it's the week before I go so surely there must be something left to do! But there's not. It's just me, left to finally figure out how to finish the shoulders of that one shirt and piling items on top of my (brand new, steal of a) suitcase. Thankfully, I've piles of things to move and sort here in the office - my mother will be filling my chair while I'm out of town, so much straightening is required.

While I was talking to a friend last week, she told me her four year old described such feelings as being BIGCITED, which feels exactly right. I am bigcited for this trip, and I can't believe it's already almost here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

In an attempt to create something on a regular basis, I've been adding trials into my life. One of which will be finally picking this blog back up! In preparation for My Very First Trip to Disney World, and out of frustration at the way things in the store fit/cost so darn much, I've made several tunics this summer, and thought I'd share how that went.

First up, the positive review! Well, a two-in-one positive review. I want to heartily recommend Girl Charlee Fabrics to anyone who's looking for an online jersey source - wonderful selection, quick shipping and surprisingly cheap! You can only purchase full yard cuts, which led to some over purchasing on my part, but better too much than not enough.

For the second positive review: Burda 7603. Love it. What follows is an expanded version of my review at cheap and easy entry, right?

The pattern was surprisingly straightforward and very well drafted (especially compared to the Simplicity patterns I had also been using, which will get theirs in a separate post - and I MEAN IT). It's a ten piece pattern (since I didn't put pockets in the tunic length), which intimidated me at first, but it came together very easily. It looked just like the front of the envelope, which was a pleasant surprise (again, compared to the Simplicity patterns - grrrrrrrr).

My only complaint was the sizing. My fabric (a cotton/rayon blend) had about 30% stretch, so I was a little nervous about fitting, so I cut out my recommended size for the bodice and hemmed the sides before I cut anything else out. I am SO GLAD that I did. Ended up cutting three sizes down all over, and it fits perfectly.

I still have to hem the bottom and sleeves (which I cut to a three-quarter length - I don't care for short sleeves, but full length felt awkward for the tropical print), but I'll post fully finished images once completed.

Now that I have the sizing issues worked out, I'll definitely be making this pattern again; likely with the long sleeves in the dress length for fall. Aside from finishing, the actual dress construction took less than two hours. So happy with it! As a side note, cutting things out is awful and I hate doing it.