Monday, January 6, 2014

Pulling the Trigger

I had an unanticipated burst of doing-ness this weekend, so I used it on the color blocked muslin - hooray for me! - and watching Star Trek.

As I've mentioned, I am highly nervous about cutting fabric. My selected size never seems to work out - I can use high bust instead, or try to go by the finished ease, or just cut down a size or just never works and I invariably have to go back in and fix. And I really, really hate that, guys. Hate it so much. So, with the wonderful addition of Genevieve to my life (yes, she has a name now), I decided that I would be super meticulous and thoughtful and responsible and I would do a tissue fitting on the spectacularly patient Gennie.

An additional note - this pattern (Simplicity 1586) is one of their Amazing Fit products, which means that in addition to the normal sizing anxiety, I have to choose a cup size and then slim, average, or curvy fits. SO MANY PANELS. I ended up going by the recommended cup size panel (which, for the record, was definitely not the cup size I wear. A thought to keep in mind in your cutting) and cutting out the average fit. In hindsight, as I've become rather pear shaped with the secretary-spread and all, the curvy fit might have actually been the better choice around the hips.

Note to self - avoid picture-taking situations with real self from this angle.