Friday, December 6, 2013

Inspiration Strikes

I was reading this illuminating article from Fast & Co. on the realities of the Golden Age of flight (save you the reading: it was less Golden and more smoky), and I happened upon this wonderful picture:

Image: Flickr user 1950s Unlimited

And my eye immediately went...well, it immediately went to that carpeting, but after than, I saw that amazing print dress the blond in the middle is wearing. Wearing with orange heels, I might add.

The Flickr poster titles the picture Continental 747 Ponape Lounge, Airline Attendant, and I assume that since she's the one offering up the basket of...treats? Booze? Cigarettes? Whatever 1950s nightmare might be present...that the fabulous dress must be a uniform...but surely that can't be. Other searches with all those key words show me the costumes from Pan Am (RIP, dead shows) or some variant thereof, which are all cute, but not nearly as filled with personality. 

Regardless, this one goes up on the inspiration wall (or at least this virtual one). It's a basic enough pattern - likely the Laurel from Colette Patterns - but the real trick (and the fun part) will be finding an amazing fabric out of which I can make it! And the orange heels to wear with it.